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Who We Are

The GVEA Ratepayers Alliance is a group of concerned Golden Valley Electric Association member-owners. If your name is on your electric bill, you are a member-owner of our electric cooperative. But for too long, member-owners have allowed GVEA to spend our money with reckless abandon (see: Northern Intertie, Healy 2 "clean coal" plant, ect.). The Ratepayers Alliance was formed in 2000 to provide citizen oversight of our cooperative. We are mostly Fairbanksans, but also have members from Healy, Cantwell, Salcha, Fox, and Delta Junction. We ask that only GVEA member-owners be involved with our advocacy. JOIN US!  Membership is free, but we ask that you be involved fighting for transparency, accountability, and reasonable rates. We are entirely funded by small donations by Interior Alaska residents. We do not accept outside funding from corporations, business groups, or special interests. 
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Legal Disclaimer

This website is paid for by the GVEA Ratepayers Alliance. P.O. Box 416, Ester AK, 99725 907-737-4462 Contact: NOTE: The GVEA Ratepayers Alliance is a nonprofit, non-partisan citizen organization. We are NOT affiliated with the Board or Management of Golden Valley Electric Association. All opinions and information provided on this site is reflective of the Ratepayers Alliance and does not represent the views or opinions of any other organization or individual. 

Welcome to GVEA Ratepayers Alliance!

The GVEA Ratepayers Alliance is a nonpartisan, nonprofit group of GVEA member-owners focused on ensuring our cooperative provides transparency, good governance, and reasonable rates. The Ratepayers Alliance has been active since 2000 on a variety of GVEA issues, including the Northern Intertie and the Eva Creek Wind Farm. If your name is on your electric bill, YOU are a member-owner of GVEA. We encourage to you join the Ratepayers Alliance and fight for transparency and reasonable rates. Its OUR electric cooperative, let's act like it.